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Vardziya is the ancient cave fortress of 12-13 centuries located in the south of Georgia near Akhaltsikhe (in 70 km to the South from Borjomi). Most interesting and surprising that fortress wasn't...

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Ushguli – Svaneti

Ushguli – one of the most mountain settlements. Inhabitants live at the height of 2200 meters. During all the history of Ushguli it was separated from the outside world by high passes...

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Svaneti - is the historical region of Georgia. This mountain area is located in the northwest of Georgia and occupied by svana. Saneti is surrounded by the Caucasian spine. The most known tops...

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Mestia – Zemo Svaneti

Mestia - surprisingly beautiful mountain resort of Georgia, is Svaneti's center. It is located on 1500 m from sea level, in a place where Mestiachal and Mulakhur's rivers connect. Here lives 2500...

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Surami – Shida Kartli

Suras it is a small town which is at a foot of Likhi's ridge in Kharagauli's municipality. The town is appreciated by the curative climate, clean and dry air which is sated with...

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Manglisi – Kvemo Kartli

The resort Manglisi is in Kartli on slopes of Trialeti ridge at the height of 1204 meters above sea level. Manglisi it is appreciated by the fine nature and clean air the...

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Sairme – Imereti

The resort of Sairme is in the gorge of the river of Tsablaristskhali in 50 km from the city of Kutaisi, at the height of 950 m above sea level. To Sairme...

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Bakhmaro – Guria

Bakhmaro, it is the mountain climatic resort located in Bakhvistskali's gorge in a forest zone on the Meskheti's spine, about 2000 m above sea level. Bakhmaro unusually beautiful place which will surprise...

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Mtsvane-Kontskhi, or Cape Verde

Mtsvane-Kontskhi, or Cape Verde is madly beautiful, one of the most popular vacation spots. The amazing seaside resort of Georgia is in nine kilometers from Batumi, at the height of 70-90 meters...

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In only 15 km. i.e. in 10 minutes of a driving from Batumi, near Sarpi there is a small resort of Kvariati. Kvariati and Sarpi are connected by the magnificent highway. In...

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The second city of Adjara is Kobuleti – it is located in 24 km - ah from Batumi along the Black Sea coast on a wide strip sandy and small - a...

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