Abudelauri lakes

One-day trip to Abudelauri colorful lakes, located in khevsureti, 2800 meters MSL. Lakes are created from Glacier water and rain. They are covered by ice from November, including May.The best season to visit this lakes is Summer. But it’s also possible in September and October.

Blue lake
Blue lake ofAbudelauri is located 2580 meters MSL. It’s color is deep blue and looks super beautiful in calm weather.
Green lake
Green lake ofAbudelauri is located 2610 meters MSL. It’s color is green and water is warmer then others.
White lake
White lake ofAbudelauri is located 2830 meters MSL very close to the Chiukhi rocks.
Tour details
Places to visit Green lake of Abudelauri
Blue lake of Abudelauri
White lake of Abudelauri
Chiukhi rocks of Roshka
Great views
Minimum number of members 4
Time Saturday or Sunday, from May to end of September
Difficulty Medium
Hicking distance 15 kilometers
Equipment (optional) Hiking shoes
Rain coat