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Gurian pies with a small egg are similar to a khachapuri, only together with suluguni a stuffing mix with egg. Ingredients: For dough: Yogurt — 500 гр. Egg — 1 piece. Butter — 100 гр. Milk — 1 St. Flour — 800 гр. Yeast — 1 table spoon. Sugar — 1 table spoon. Salt pinch […]

Khinkali, which is a Georgian type of Dumplings, originated in mountainous regions of Mtiuleti, Pshavi and Khevsureti. Later Khinkali varieties spread across the Caucasus region. They are made of mixed pork and beef, sometimes of lamb. Sometimes Khinkali are filled with mushrooms, potatoes, or cheese instead of meat. Ingredients: For the dough: 1 kg of […]

Ingredients: Wheat flour – 550 g Milk 3,2% – 400 ml Yeast dry – 5 g Butter – 45 g Sugar – 10 g Vegetable oil – 7 ml Coarse salt – 11 g Cheese of suluguni – 510 g Cheese Imereti – 170 g Egg – 1 piece Way of preparation: 1. To sift […]

To make this version of khachapuri you need to skewer the cheese and wrap the dough around it, instead of rolling them in a traditional way. Ingredients: Bread dough Sulguni cheese 1 Egg Preparation: Flatten the dough and cut it into ribbons. Cut the cheese into rectangles. Thickness of the cheese depends on how thick […]

Ingredients: 775 grams all-purpose flour 12 grams salt 180 grams starter (flour + water + yeast) 510 ml luke-warm water (at body temperature) Olive oil   Step 1: Making the Starter * Mix equal amounts of flour and water (one cup each) and yeast (dry or fresh yeast). You need 1 tablespoon of yeast for […]

The appetizing and rich cuisine of Adjara is similar to the Georgian cookery and at the same time possesses a number of unique and original lines. It was affected by climatic conditions and the neighbourhood with Turkey. Adzhara is glorified Adzharian hachapuryam. The flat cake from dough in the form of the boat, is filled […]