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Shatili – Muco – Ardoti – Khakhabo

One day trip to see the beauty of Khevsureti. Shatili is located in Khevsureti, It is The ancient village built by flat, dry stones. This village is like fortress. It was ancient defender of North entrance of Georgia.

Muco – village which is almost empty. It’s located near Shatili, Next to the river Ardotis Tskali. There are up to 40 fortress along the hill. There are remains of historical buildings, such as house and tower of Torghva.

Village Ardoti is also located in near Ardotis Tskali river. There is a church, built in XIX century, Also tower of Zviadauri and cross of mother of god.

Village Khakhabo – is located near Khakhabos Tskali river, 2200 meters MSL. Only two families are living there today.

Georgian historical fortress – village.
Village in Dusheti municipality, near Ardotis Tskali river, Defender of Khevsureti main entrance from north.
Village in Georgia, Dusheti municipality. In historical Khevsureti. Located on the left side of the river Andaqi.
Village in east of Georgia, Dusheti municipality.
Places to visit Shatili
Amazing views of Khevsureti mountains
Minimum number of tourists 4
Time Saturday or Sunday, from May to end of September
Difficulty Easy
Hiking distance 12 კილომეტრი
Equipment (optional) Hiking shoes
Rain coat