Khevsureti – Georgia

Khevsureti — is in the northeast of mountain part of Georgia and is part of Dushetsky municipality. It is a historical metnost borders on Chechnya and Ingushetia in the north, on Pshavi...

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Mutso – Khevsureti

The village of Mutso is in Dusheti's municipality in Khevsureti, at the right river bank of Ardoti. The distance from sea level makes 1880 m. From Shatili of 12-15 km. The village...

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Shatili – Khevsureti

The village Shatili is a settlement of Khevsureti, which is located at connection of the river Argun and Shatilistskali on northern slopes of Greater Caucasus Range in Khevsureti. The distance from sea...

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