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Chakvi – quiet resort

Chakvi - the small settlement which will give you the chance quietly and silently to have a rest. It is located on the Black Sea coast of Adjara in 12 km from...

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Anakliya – Georgia

Anakliya it's the new Black Sea resort in Georgia located on the southeast coast of the Black Sea. Anakliya - the resort with an arid climate, here rains practically doesn't happen, one...

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Batumi – Georgia

Batumi – the capital of Adjara. Lives in this resort zone to 120 000 people (10 times less than Tbilisi). It is the warm, hospitable and interesting city. For very short time...

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Adjara – Georgia

Adjara, also as well as other Georgia, has the interesting, but difficult past. Proceeding from archaeological researches, indigenous people of Adjara were Adjarians who for the first time were occupied in the Stone...

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The first European is a Georgian

Sensational Discovery of Swiss scientists Egyptian Pharaohs and more than half of contemporary European indigenous are genetically Caucasians. The first European is a Georgian Zürich genealogical research center was given the DNA...

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One of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, Ajara is situated in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline. Ajara operates as an autonomous republic in Georgia and has its own flag...

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