Khevsureti — is in the northeast of mountain part of Georgia and is part of Dushetsky municipality. It is a historical metnost borders on Chechnya and Ingushetia in the north, on Pshavi in the South and on Tusheti in the east. Important places in Khevsureti are the villages of Shatili and Mutso, with the ancient […]

The village of Mutso is in Dusheti’s municipality in Khevsureti, at the right river bank of Ardoti. The distance from sea level makes 1880 m. From Shatili of 12-15 km. The village preserved and protected an entrance to Khevsureti. In Mutso which is almost deserted already whole century, about forty medieval houses remained. Also there […]

The resort of Aspindza is a balneological resort which is at the height of 1050 meters is in Samtskhe-Javakheti on the bank of Kura river. Aspindza is famous for sources of different types of mineral waters. These are sulfide waters, sulfate-chloride and sodium-calcium waters which use in the medical purposes in a type of bathtubs, for bathing, […]

The village Shatili is a settlement of Khevsureti, which is located at connection of the river Argun and Shatilistskali on northern slopes of Greater Caucasus Range in Khevsureti. The distance from sea level makes 1400 m., from Tbilisi 160 km. Shatili – the quietest and beautiful village in Khevsureti. It is on the rock and […]