Lagodekhi – the small city which is located in the Alaznis valley, in the northeast of Georgia. The city is the ancient settlement in Kakheti. Lagodekhi it is appreciated by sulfuric mineral waters which are used in the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes.   In the territory of Lagodekhi there is a Lagodekhsky reserve. For this purpose at first it is […]

The lake of the Black rock – is in the territory of the Lagodekhi reserve. This mountain lake which is surrounded by black, naked rocks without vegetation. It isn’t so easy to reach the lake. It will take 3 days. On the way you should overcome the mountain rivers, rises and descents, the woods and mountains. […]

Java – municipality of the Java’s administration center, is in the former territory of South Osetia, between Tskhinvali and Oni. Java is on 1040 m from sea level. This settlement, is the klimato-balneological resort. A significant link in the course of treatment mineral water of Dzau plays. Here the warm climate with hot summer prevails. Within a year […]

Kvishkheti the mountain resort which is in the Khashuri’s area in the Shida Kartli. It is located in the valley at the height of 750 m above sea level. The resort is rich with the mixed woods and belongs to group of Borjomi-Bakuriani resorts. Here the climate, favorable for vacationers, prevails. The most part of year […]

Kumisi – is in East Georgia, in 20 km to the southeast from Tbilisi. This resort is known for the therapeutic muds. In Kumisi there is a salty lake at the bottom of which lies this  sulphatic dirt. Sources of the lake are underground and rain waters. Fishes live in the lake, they are: mullet, sazan, […]

Nunisi – the balneo climatolical resort of Imereti which is in the territory of National park of Borjomi-Kharagauli in forest part of Likhi’s ridge. Nunis is on 900 m above sea level. Right there Nunisistskali’s river flows. In this resort zone you will be able to take pleasure in beauty of the unique nature, deciduous and coniferous forests […]

Zvare – is a resort zone which is near Kharagauli in east part of Imereti. Zvare is the medical resort which is known for mineral waters. Zvare’s climate moderately cold. And in the driest and hot month of year quite large amount of rainfall drops out here.    

Khinkali, which is a Georgian type of Dumplings, originated in mountainous regions of Mtiuleti, Pshavi and Khevsureti. Later Khinkali varieties spread across the Caucasus region. They are made of mixed pork and beef, sometimes of lamb. Sometimes Khinkali are filled with mushrooms, potatoes, or cheese instead of meat. Ingredients: For the dough: 1 kg of […]

Ascana – the resort of Guria which is on the right slope of Bakhvistskali in Ozurgeti. Gulep’s river turns into falls, which height of 11 m. The foot of falls has a small beautiful lake. In one of the villages of Ascana – in the village of Mtispiri there was a clay formed in a consequence […]

Kokotauri is a resort place in Adjara which is in the left part of the river of Acharistskali. There are a lot of minerals and medicinal waters. The most popular mineral water Kokotauri water is considered. Kokotauri’s climate subtropical, as for low mountains. The resort will help to recover from chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer and […]