Kvishkheti the mountain resort which is in the Khashuri’s area in the Shida Kartli. It is located in the valley at the height of 750 m above sea level. The resort is rich with the mixed woods and belongs to group of Borjomi-Bakuriani resorts. Here the climate, favorable for vacationers, prevails. The most part of year […]

Suras it is a small town which is at a foot of Likhi’s ridge in Kharagauli’s municipality. The town is appreciated by the curative climate, clean and dry air which is sated with a coniferous smell. Climate Suras moderate, this magnificent vacation spot and treatments. It is possible to arrange a campaign on the resort, to […]

The resort Manglisi is in Kartli on slopes of Trialeti ridge at the height of 1204 meters above sea level. Manglisi it is appreciated by the fine nature and clean air the enriched oxygen. Climate of the resort the soft: sunny days prevail. There are sanatoria for rest and treatment. Manglisi is one of the […]