Khovle-Shida Kartli

Khovle – the village in east Georgia of the Caspian municipality of Shida of Kartli, which is located at the height of 720 m from sea level, on the river bank of Khevkhmela....

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Birtvisi Canyons – Kvemo of Kartli

Canyons of Birtvisi, this best place for those who likes to climb ridge rocks who likes to overcome difficulties and heights. Canyons are in Tetri-Tskaro's region (near Algeti's reservoir). Birtvisი are represented...

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Gori – Shida-Kartli – Georgia

Gori  is the small resort town surrounded with mountains, is in east Georgia and it is a center of Shida-Kartli, on a place where the river Chicken and the river Big Liakhvi merge....

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Java – resort of Kartli

Java - municipality of the Java's administration center, is in the former territory of South Osetia, between Tskhinvali and Oni. Java is on 1040 m from sea level. This settlement, is the klimato-balneological resort. A...

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Surami – Shida Kartli

Suras it is a small town which is at a foot of Likhi's ridge in Kharagauli's municipality. The town is appreciated by the curative climate, clean and dry air which is sated with...

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Manglisi – Kvemo Kartli

The resort Manglisi is in Kartli on slopes of Trialeti ridge at the height of 1204 meters above sea level. Manglisi it is appreciated by the fine nature and clean air the...

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