The appetizing and rich cuisine of Adjara is similar to the Georgian cookery and at the same time possesses a number of unique and original lines. It was affected by climatic conditions and the neighbourhood with Turkey.

Adzhara is glorified Adzharian hachapuryam. The flat cake from dough in the form of the boat, is filled with the melted cheese with an egg yolk. Egg in the middle symbolizes the sun. Amazingly tasty “acharul” are prepared in Batumi, and it is reality. Here the kavarm and an achma can also find.

We advise to try popular “borano” – the cheese rolled in flour and fried in melted butter with greens, “sinor” – snack from house cottage cheese and the thin flat cakes curtailed into rolls and “yakhni” – braised beef with the crushed nuts, with onions and garlic.


adjaruli acharuli

adjaruli acharuli

The cuisine of mountain Adjara is rich with dairy products: local sour cream – “kaymagkh” has features and at Adzharian cheese, they are used as seasoning in many dishes. Adzharian milk is famous as the most useful milk in Georgia.

The kitchen is also glorified by fish dishes from a trout and sturgeon, from meat products the preference is given to meat of hens, turkeys, quails, beef and mutton.

As first courses soups of kharcho and a chikhirtm usually are served.

But the only thing that is practically not present in Adzharian kitchen are pork dishes. Also Adzharians don’t use a grain and cottage cheese dish.



For fans of sweet, Adzhar can offer you a baklava and a shakarlama.

It is considered one of the most important Adzharian traditions hospitality. The guest in Adjara is always invited to a rich table where treat with traditional Adzharian dishes. The glass of wine drunk for health of the guest, and also for wellbeing of the host is obligatory.