Akhaltsikhe – the capital of the region of Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti, had reputation of a hopeless place.

The city of Akhaltsikhe is located near merge of two rivers – Hens and Potskhovi. In the 9th century all city was divided into 2 most parts. In its central part there lived rich men and celebrities, well, and poor people lived in that part which and is called today as fortress Rabat.

Fortress Rabat – one of the main sights of area of Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti on an equal basis with Vardziya. Told Rabat in the course of reconstruction tried to make a little similar to Jerusalem. Now in the territory of fortress there is a hotel, the museum, wine shop.


samcxe javaxeti

Name. The word “Rabat” of the Arab origin (الرباط) about means any strengthened place. Usually so called trade quarter at a fortress. Therefore strictly formally Rabat that part of Akhaltsikhe which is at height at fortress is considered. However, the name was gradually pasted to the fortress.