Anakliya it’s the new Black Sea resort in Georgia located on the southeast coast of the Black Sea.

Anakliya – the resort with an arid climate, here rains practically doesn’t happen, one two times for all summer. This place with sandy beaches (medical magnetic sand) and clear sea water. In hundreds of kilometers from Anakliya there are no large cities which pollute sewage in the sea.

On Anakliya’s place there were two Black Sea villages with the population of 2,5 thousand people earlier, and today it is the resort which surprised all with the fast development. There are comfortable hotels, restaurants and entertaining establishments.

In 2011, and to Anakly the Spanish architect Alberto Domingo was invited. He changed geometry of a coastal strip, built the new embankment, broke big park with attractions to them the longest was constructed in Europe the foot bridge (540 meters) over the mouth of the mountain river Inguri.

How for such short time, Anakliya so quickly developed?

Anakliya’s development depended on seven components — climate, the sea, a beach, housing, various food, a factor of novelty (exotic) and the price. All these factors satisfied a large number of new visitors and on it, Anakliya attracted to herself so many tourists.

Now Anakliya receives guests in three hotels, the yacht-club, restaurants, a disco, the biggest aquapark on the Black Sea, a casino and an amphitheater works.

Those who didn’t visit Anakliya yet we advise to spend your holidays exactly here. Anakliya is always glad to the guests.