The second city of Adjara is Kobuleti – it is located in 24 km – ah from Batumi along the Black Sea coast on a wide strip sandy and small – a pebble beach.

It is one of the most crowded resorts of the Caucasus, it is glorified by healing mineral waters which are in two kilometers from Kobuleti.

As for mineral sources, these healing waters use at various diseases of digestive bodies, a liver, a gall bladder metabolic disorders, at a disease of kidneys and mocheva of the driving ways. At hypertensive and gynecologic diseases, diseases of bones and joints, diseases of nervous system and skin mineral bathtubs are very useful.

In the area you take pleasure in the most beautiful national park and two falls: one in Chakvistavi and one in national park.

Fortresses in the area a little: the most noticeable – the Greek fortress of Pyotr on the seashore. Except it sushchetvut fortress in the village of Alambari and one more in the village Achkvistavi.

In the area many temples are built: the temple in Kobuleti, the temple in the village of Dagva, the temple in the village of Gvara, the temple Legva, Kakuti’s temple and the temple in Achi. Hino’s monastery in the settlement of the same name within national park is quite interesting. The temple of the monastery before the Turkish invasion was cathedral, then Turks destroyed it, and now it is possible to see ruins. Besides, there is the well-known mosque in the village of Kvirika – only in the area.

Also in the area there are two ancient bridges: Kobalauri and Chkemovani – both on Kintrisha’s river, on the way to Hino.

Climate of the resort the subtropical. Winter soft, without snow with an average temperature of +5 January of °C, summer solar and warm with an average temperature of +28 July of °C. Kobuleti all the year round rolls in thickets of tea and citrus plantations, eucalyptus and bamboo palm trees.

In Kobuleti it is possible to sunbathe on chaise lounges, to hire yachts, catamarans and scooters. To spend remarkable minutes in air on the paraclown. All coastal territory is built up with inhabited cottages. Nearby – the amusement park.

On the main 14th kilometer street the set of bars, clubs, discos of the European look, and also restaurants in national style is located.

And evening Kobuleti turns into a noisy, cheerful resort. At the request of vacationers fascinating tours in historical places of Georgia are conducted, and also to make round to the next Turkey.