In only 15 km. i.e. in 10 minutes of a driving from Batumi, near Sarpi there is a small resort of Kvariati. Kvariati and Sarpi are connected by the magnificent highway.

In difference from Sarpi and Gonio, Kvariati started developing rather earlier. There are a lot of convenient hotels, cafe and restaurants. This remarkable vacation spot.

Kvariati is divided into two parts: one — at water, the second — on hill slopes over the highway. This a quiet place, the Green Mountains surround and it is considered one of the best sea resorts of Adjara.

Kvariati’s beach isn’t too great — all about kilometer. The beach is covered with quite clean sand and pebble. The sea in Kvariati, as well as in Sarpi, crystal-clear. In the north he himself turns into Gonio’s beach, and in the south comes to an end with rocky rocks which separate it from a beach of Sarpi.

Despite the seeming modesty, in Kvariati there is everything that is necessary for the person for beach rest. In particular, on a coastal strip of sand there are chaise lounges with umbrellas, and in water — children’s inflatable rafts and water bikes for adults. Also on a beach there is a restaurant. And one more exclusive charm of Kvariati consists in what the first and only diving center in the country is located here.