Mtsvane-Kontskhi, or Cape Verde is madly beautiful, one of the most popular vacation spots. The amazing seaside resort of Georgia is in nine kilometers from Batumi, at the height of 70-90 meters above sea level.

The name – a resort place received thanks to a year-round green cover.

Green the cape is glorified is unique a beautiful Botanical garden. Rest among tropical lianas and exotic flowers will seem to the paradise.

Climate in the resort subtropical, with plentiful amount of heat and moisture. The hot summer promotes acceptance of solar and air bathtubs, and also treatment of diseases of respiratory organs (bronchial asthma and so forth).

Were engaged in improvement of the natural climatic resort in imperial times, at the end of the XIX century. On the most beautiful slopes of Cape Verde in 1880 the Batumi botanical garden of world value where nowadays grow the most rare species of tropical and subtropical plants was laid out. The garden was open in 1912 annually receives thousands of vacationers and guests (see sights of Batumi). On Cape Verde well-planned hotels, restaurants, cafe and bars are located.

The coastal strip of Cape Verde is incredibly picturesque. Small – pebble beaches are always full of vacationers, including fans of active recreation (diving and windsurfing). Wild rocky beaches are open for fans of extreme sports.

By the way, a coastal strip of Cape Verde a popular place among fans of diving.