One of sights of Poti, Paleastomi’s lake is.

Paleastomi’s lake is a tremendous place, the real pearl. This strange place for all who dreams to have a rest soul to come off the whole world and to receive naslozhleniye from beautiful views of Paleostomi.

This lake eats waters of two rivers – Fechora and Kaparchoy, and water follows from it through the small mouth to the Black Sea.

It is difficult to find the person who would refuse to visit this wonderful place, to admire a blue smooth surface of water space. There is an opportunity to sweep on the boat on the lake. Coast, attract to themselves the beauty.

The total area of the lake makes 18,2 km ². Average depth is 2,6 meters, and here the greatest depth – 3,2 meters.

Paleastomi’s lake is located in a damp zone of subtropics and practically never freezes. At least, its freezing during the winter period is a most unusual occurrence.

More than 90 species of fish and for this reason here so often there come those tourists who like to fish live in the lake. It is possible to fish here both by the boat, and on the boat and on the coast and even on kayaks.