Sensational Discovery of Swiss scientists Egyptian Pharaohs and more than half of contemporary European indigenous are genetically Caucasians.

The first European is a Georgian

Zürich genealogical research center was given the DNA pattern, taken from Tutankhamun mummy’s left side and leg bones tissues, by Egyptian scientists, in order to establish Pharaoh family members tangled ties of relationship. The whole world was shocked after the results of this researches-there was discovered, that Tutankhamun and more than half of the contemporary European indigenous have Caucasian genes, in particular, 45 percent of the Germans, 50 percent of the Swiss, 70-80 percent of the Spaniards, 60-70 percent of the British and the Frenchmen. Equally shocking was the fact, that only one percent of the contemporary Egyptian had genes of Pharaoh. When Juri Zitsar, a famous basqologist, told me several years ago, (I am his first Georgian Diplomat) that according to the scientists assumption, the pre-historical world was populated by Iberian-Caucasian tribes, I could not believe it completely, but Swiss geneticists sensational discovery was the confirming evidence of this assumption. The doctor of History, a honored scientist, professor Klimenti Shelia expresses the same consideration in his works  “Colchis-The Gateway of our Universe” and “The Human history begins from Colchis”. Today he is a guest of “Asaval-Dasavali”.

The  director of Zürich genealogical research center, Swiss professor Roman Schultz announced in his interview with “Royter” and “BBC”: “I think that a common ancestor of Egyptian leaders and Europeans lived 9500 years ago in Caucasia. And his descendants populated in Europe 7000 years ago. The other part reached the Egypt and formed as a leading caste.

In Zürich genealogical research center there is an argue, that the descendents of Pharaoh family ancestors, went from Caucasia of Black Sea Coast, spread all over the world and not only in Western Europe. One of the branches was discovered in Egypt and South of the continent, by Geneticists. It should be noted, that Swiss scientist have investigated male European descendents of Egyptian Pharaohs, because Y Chromosomes’ those characteristics have been studied, that is transferred by male line nearly invariably. Unfortunately, it is possible to establish only 2-3 generations of relatives, by means of X-chromosome, So, for the investigation of female genetic inheritance, it is necessary to study mitochondrion, that is planned for future, by scientists and this work will be begun by establishment of Maria Antoniette ancestors.

Egyptian scientists have investigated DNA of 16 mummies in order to reveal Tutankhamon close relatives, among them, Echnaton and Amenhotep III. Pharaoh’s grandmother was Tia, a mother of Echnaton, Father-as suggested, is Echnaton, but mother have not been established yet.

Klimenti Shelia

Professor: The analysis of Historical Materials shows, that in old epoch, Colchians-it means Georgians, used to hold a territory of Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, The Mediterranean, Pyrenees, Apennine, the territory from The Red Sea to The Caspian Sea, and northern India region, including Caucasus. Also Pre-Greek culture backgrounds and became the foundation-maker of Human Civilization. So, The Swiss Geneticists’ discovery was not unexpected from me. Great scientist Tamaz Gamkrelidze and Rismag Gordezyan know better, that Georgia is the oldest and the first country. We have not made any discovery, we just gathered and analyzed the materials, but could not raising the voice, because it is difficult, or ineffectual, to speak against the worldwide point of view. I think that the Swiss geneticist discovery will reveal our truth.

– In the book – “The Human history begins from Colchis” you write, that Nefertiti is a daughter of a Georgian king, and Pharaoh Aye-her uncle. What can you say about the Caucasian origin of Egyptian Leaders?

Herodote, a father of History writes: “It is clear, that Colchians are Egyptians…, only Colchians and Egyptians’ flax cultivation in his words, several years ago. The Colchians are not Egyptians, but Egyptians are the descendants of Colchians, that is confirmed by the investigations of Swiss Geneticists. In the middle years of the XIV century BC, The king of Northern Georgia-Mitanni (Mitanni Highland) was king Rati, whose daughter-Tatu Kymeti got married to Egypt Pharaoh-Echnaton (Echnaton-Achina), after the marriage she was given a new name-Nefertiti, that presumably means the most beautiful woman, came down from abroad. Tatu Princess was crowned with the equal crown, that king of Colchis-Anmare (Anmare Empire). She was not the ordinary wife of Echnaton, after her husband’s death, she became Pharaoh. She had her daughter-Athena as a Co-leader. After 3-4 years Tatu Nefertiti died and 9 years old boy occupied the royal throne – Tutankhaten – Tutankhamon, who ruled the country, by support of relatives, Prime-Minister and High Priest, a brother of Colchian Aye-King Rati, it means that he ruled the country be support of his uncle.

– Who was the mother of Tutankhamon? It has not been investigated by Swiss Geneticists yet.

-Some of the Scientists consider, that Pharaoh’s mother was Tatu-Nefertiti, some even believe that he was born by another daughter of Georgian King-Kia. It is fact, that Tatu Princess brought him up, maybe she was not a biological parent, but they were close relatives. “ Prime-Minister” Aye was an uncle of Tutankhamon’s mother, he led the funeral ceremony of a young, 19 years old Pharaoh. He became the next Egypt Pharaoh and had been leading the country peacefully for 10 years. By the way, the younger daughter of Nefertiti-Meti-Athena was a queen of Georgia, she got married to King Kadashman and lived in modern Southern Iraq.

– How can you explain the revealing of such a many Europeans, who are bearers of Caucasian genes?

 Edward Demolins (Frenchman) writes: If we rise above, from the Aegean, we can see Southern Germany, France… this places were occupied by Iberians. This traces are survived in German and French languages. The names of the places and rivers evidence it. Etruscies  and also Kelasgies are immigrated from Colchis and Colchis was the beginning of Mediterranean Culture, it’s physical and social type and it’s artistic taste. By the way, a lot of spoken and written version exists, that The Corsicans call “Cart” to their language, Island and country, and Napoleon is called a Georgian.

– What are you talking, Napoleon was Georgian too?!

 – Bonaparte knew perfectly about his Colchian-Basque origin. He appointed the captured Georgian officer, on the position of head of defense, the former Mamluk-Rustan (Rostom) Razmadze. An important part of Corsicans maintained Georgian Custom, habits, generous behavior, polyphonic music, dance and Samegrelo Kitchen. By the way, once Rustan survived Napoleon from death, he protected him from the sword, thrown by enemy. Bonaparte had a will to appoint him on a position of Minister of Internal Affairs. 

– If I am not mistaken, this post was occupied by Pushe…

– Yes, his Life Researcher Lui Madlen writes, that Napoleon had a will to appoint him on a position of Minister of Internal Affairs… Bonaparte often reminded, that Cucasian blood streamed in his veins. Napoleon had a close relationship with Samegrelo Princes, with Dadiani family. The chess, presented by Bonaparte is kept in former Dadiani Family Museum now. When Napoleon died, he was taken two types of mask from his face, one of this one is kept in Paris, and the other in Zugdidi, in Dadiani Family Museum. I remind you, that the son-in low of Dadiani was Ashil Miurat, a husband of Salome Dadiani.

– It is known, that Napoleon respected Petre Bagrationi, a Georgian General in Russian Empire service…

– When Bonaparte was told the information, about the death of gifted Georgian General, he declared a minute of silence as a sign of mourning and he was kneeled when he honored his memory.
The ancient Greeks used to say, that from Red Sea till Caspian Sea there was Colchis…

-Yes, but what can the ancient times historicans say about The Americans?

-Herodote didn’t even mention them…


-He worked in V century BC, so Herodote and other Greek scholars could not see other countries, besides Colchis in the above mentioned space. They thought that East Georgia was Colchis.

In that period, “Armenia” was not neither country nor State, but in 3200-3100 years BC there existed the oldest and the first City-Colchis-Culkha in the lower reaches of the river-Buranuni (Euphrates). In 3185-3120 BC the Colchis leader was king Anmare (God’s man) the founder of Colchis.

-Yes, but the Armenians say, that everything from sea to sea was their.

-American Researchers have investigated World people Genealogy and know perfectly who is who. The whole world laugh at Armenian-the falsifiers of History, nobody believes and takes it seriously in scientific circles. If they aren’t arrived, why does Armenian language belongs to Indo-European language Family? You are right, this fact is an evident of their Indo-European origin!… Relations between Georgians and Basks are established by means of the circumstance, that our languages belongs to Iberian-Caucasian Language families. Basks are far away, but Armenians so near, but why is, that Armenian language does not belong to the Iberian-Caucasian language families?!
-What can you say, about the fact, that Mesrop Mashtots created the alphabet for us?

-“Phaistos Disco” – it was written language, that was discovered 4 thousand years ego, in island Crete (c. Pesto). Robert Morat’s 400-page book, named –“Stones, who speak” was established in June, 2010 by Cambridge scholars Publishing House. 150 pages of the book was dedicated to a Georgian researcher MR. Gia Kvashilava. In Author’s opinion, he deciphered “Phaistos Disco” the most correctly  all over the world and made Colchis written language or speak in Pro-Georgian language. I can say better, one of the Iberian plates, that is not deciphered till today, was read by the researcher Shota Khvedelidze-He deciphered the text, by  means of Capital and Georgian language. Academician A. Belopledevski made a conclusion: “I think, that the decipher of the text was made correctly”. This opinion was shared by Historian Ilia Barajkovi and Baskologist Iuri Zitsar. Unfortunately, Chauvinist Russians made everything, in order to make MR.Shota not to continue his working. Otherwise, in scientists’ opinion, origin of Georgian written language would be put off by 3479 year. So, Georgian Alphabet roots are “Phaistos Disco” and Iberian plates.

It is known, that before the Bible, there existed five Georgian books:

  1. “Eputi” (7 thousand year ago), which was called the “ First Bible” by Samegrelo residents, because there was written 10 Commandments. In Samegrelo everyone knows, that in “Eputi”, in human activities, there was expressed the past and the future of the country, that was precisely performed. It was a book of masterpieces, Wisdom Collection and it existed 4 thousand years earlier than Bible.
  2. “Margality” (7 thousand years ago)
  3. “Tosha” (3 500 years ago)
  4. “Tabu” (3 500 years ago)
  5. “Okros sawmisi” (The golden Fleece) ( 3 300 years ago)
    …When the Georgians were writing this book, Armenian Republic didn’t exist in World map as for Armenian alphabet, it is known, that it was created by Georgian-Petre Iberi and Mitridate Lazi. By the way “Gospel” is translated in Armenian language by Mitridate Lazi.