regions of Georgia

Nunisi – the balneo climatolical resort of Imereti which is in the territory of National park of Borjomi-Kharagauli in forest part of Likhi’s ridge. Nunis is on 900 m above sea level. Right there Nunisistskali’s river flows. In this resort zone you will be able to take pleasure in beauty of the unique nature, deciduous and coniferous forests […]

Zvare – is a resort zone which is near Kharagauli in east part of Imereti. Zvare is the medical resort which is known for mineral waters. Zvare’s climate moderately cold. And in the driest and hot month of year quite large amount of rainfall drops out here.    

Ascana – the resort of Guria which is on the right slope of Bakhvistskali in Ozurgeti. Gulep’s river turns into falls, which height of 11 m. The foot of falls has a small beautiful lake. In one of the villages of Ascana – in the village of Mtispiri there was a clay formed in a consequence […]

Kokotauri is a resort place in Adjara which is in the left part of the river of Acharistskali. There are a lot of minerals and medicinal waters. The most popular mineral water Kokotauri water is considered. Kokotauri’s climate subtropical, as for low mountains. The resort will help to recover from chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer and […]

The resort of Tsikhisdziri is on the coast of the Black Sea in 17 km. to the north of Batumi, on the Tsikhisdzirsky height which slopes coolly go down in the sea and form the cape which divides beaches into two parts Southern and Northern. The southern part of a beach with large pebble attracts […]

On the southern slopes of Meskhety ridge covered with coniferous trees there is a known mountain and balneological resort of Abastumani which climate is curative at a disease of lungs. Especially it is useful in the spring when pollination of a pine begins. Also Abastumani is appreciated by the medical sources.     Climate here […]

The popular skiing resort of Bakuriani is in the Borjomi  gorge, on a northern slope of Trialety ridge in an environment of unique coniferous forests and the Alpine meadows. Summer here cool (air temperature in July-August doesn’t exceed 15 °C). Bakuriani is family and children’s resort which will give you the chance perfectly to relax […]

Borjomi – the most interesting and popular resort in Georgia which is between Meskhetsky and Trialetsky ridges, in the picturesque valley. Slopes of ridges are covered with the mixed and deciduous woods. The river Chicken with which in the territory of the city Bordzhomul and Gudzharetistskali’s two rivers merge, divide Borjomi into two parts.   The […]

Sarpi – one of elite resorts of the Black Sea coast of Georgia. It is on the southern part in 18 km. i.e. 10-15 min. a driving from Batumi. Surprisingly sharply, the sea landscape is replaced mountain. In 5-30 meters from a beach the Rocky Mountains and, respectively air in Sarpi – mountain and sea […]

Makhinjauri – the small medical resort of Adjara which Kara-Dara and Mtsvane Kontskhi is between capes. In the north of Makhinjauri you will find the most beautiful place of Adzharian Black Sea Coast – Mtsvane Kontskhi’s cape The territory of a beach of Makhinjauri quite big and spacious, it is possible to come here at any time […]