regions of Georgia

The resort of Sulori is located in the Vansis area of the Imereti region on river bank Sulori, in 11 km from Vani. The resort is at the height of 250 m from sea level. It is the balneological resort of local value. Sulori is appreciated by the mineral waters of a low mineralization which […]

Gomismta is a summer mountain resort which is in Ozurgeti, in the gorge of the river of Bzhuzhi on the Meskhetsis spine, at the height of 2100 – 2755 meters above sea level. Near Gomismta there is Chinchao’s lake. Here clean transparent air which is sated with coniferous aroma since the resort is surrounded with […]

Caishi – the balneological resort which is in Samegrelo, is located on the bank of river of Dzhumi, in 10 km of by Zugdidi. Caishi’s nature is madly beautiful. Mountain air of the resort fresh and pure, is very useful to health. Caishi it is glorified by a citrus and tea plantations. Here also well grow […]

Makhuntseti Falls are in 30 km. from Batumi, in the mountains of Adjara. These falls are known among visitors, it is possible to bathe in its cold waters. Such “natural” shower is the rejuvenating means for an organism. Water flows go from 20-meter height, and below under falls there is a stone bowl where guests […]

Dadiani Palace – the patrimonial palace of an ancient aristocratic family the megrelski of princes Dadiani who is in Zugdidi. Dadiani was connected by related bonds with Napoleon Bonaparte. One of Dadiani’s princesses left is married for the nephew Napoleon and as a result of this communication, the princely family was devolved by a set […]

The canyon to Okatse is in Khoni region, in the valley of the river to Okatsa which begins on slopes of a plateau of Ackhi and falls into Tskhenistskali. Length of the river is 14 km. To Okatse, it is a three-kilometer canyon, which depth about 50 meters. The canyon is decorated by some falls abounding […]

The city of Sukhumi, is located on the coast of the Black Sea and is the capital of Abkhazia. This ancient city was founded 2500 years ago. The city is in 110 km from border with Russia on the bank of the Sukhumi gulf. From northeast side of Sukhumi surround ridges which prevent a popadeniye […]

Tusheti – is part of the Akhmetis area. It is a historical mountain hollow in the territory of Georgia which borders on Khevsureti, Dagestan and Chechnya. The distance from sea level makes 1900-200 m. An administrative center is – Omalo. Tusheti – quite remote area, but is the best mountain tracking in Georgia. The environmentally […]

Khevsureti — is in the northeast of mountain part of Georgia and is part of Dushetsky municipality. It is a historical metnost borders on Chechnya and Ingushetia in the north, on Pshavi in the South and on Tusheti in the east. Important places in Khevsureti are the villages of Shatili and Mutso, with the ancient […]

The village of Mutso is in Dusheti’s municipality in Khevsureti, at the right river bank of Ardoti. The distance from sea level makes 1880 m. From Shatili of 12-15 km. The village preserved and protected an entrance to Khevsureti. In Mutso which is almost deserted already whole century, about forty medieval houses remained. Also there […]