Guria is rich with ancient traditions. Being in Guriya you will examine with national songs performed by local choruses and the extraordinary lighting representations of Gurian dancing collectives.

As for table traditions of Guria, the most important for a feast is the toast for the world. The host and all guests give to this toast preference and consider that what strong alcohol to you wouldn’t give, vodka will be that or wine and even if you should drink only three toasts, the first of toasts has to be surely a toast for the WORLD.



Tradicion of Guria


In Guria the set of traditions which passed from generation into generation remained, it is a meeting of New year which call “kaland”, chant for Christmas – “reddened”, transfer of a New Year tree – a chichilaki, ritual of preparation of wine and B’day.

Local cuisine quite tasty. Gurian housewives congenital culinary specialists. Almost add a nut and nutlets that impacts even more pleasant relish to a dish to all dishes. In Guria love dishes: sacivi, gom, Gurian pies, kharcho, mchad, lobio, pkhali, khachapuri, fish, pork, beef and bird dishes.

By tradition for Christmas cook Gurian pies and hide one haricot in one of them. The one to whom it will get, will be happy all next year.

Gurians are famous for the hospitality, humour and sharpnesses.

Locals of Guria appreciate and carefully store traditions of the native land.



Tradicion of Guria</center.