Mtirala National Park – Adjara

Mtirala National Park is open in Adjara, on the hill Kobuleti-Chakvi. The mountain of Mtirala located at the height of 1761 m above sea level is between Chakvi and Kobuleti. The mountain...

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Kokotauri – the resort of Adjara

Kokotauri is a resort place in Adjara which is in the left part of the river of Acharistskali. There are a lot of minerals and medicinal waters. The most popular mineral water...

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Makhinjauri – resort in Adjara

Makhinjauri - the small medical resort of Adjara which Kara-Dara and Mtsvane Kontskhi is between capes. In the north of Makhinjauri you will find the most beautiful place of Adzharian Black Sea Coast...

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Mtsvane-Kontskhi, or Cape Verde

Mtsvane-Kontskhi, or Cape Verde is madly beautiful, one of the most popular vacation spots. The amazing seaside resort of Georgia is in nine kilometers from Batumi, at the height of 70-90 meters...

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In only 15 km. i.e. in 10 minutes of a driving from Batumi, near Sarpi there is a small resort of Kvariati. Kvariati and Sarpi are connected by the magnificent highway. In...

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The second city of Adjara is Kobuleti – it is located in 24 km - ah from Batumi along the Black Sea coast on a wide strip sandy and small - a...

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